Testimonials - page 7

Awesome service - I've tried other backup services before but you guys have won my loyalty. Don't go away because I'm recommending you to my friends that have been loooking for a reliable, functional backup service.

Michael Lyons

Excellent website, cheap prices, will definitely buy from again!

Randall Mantilia Jr.

You run a terrific service! Many thanks for your rapid help despite my first-time mistakes.

Colin Hayes

You Guys are the best. Thank you for all your support and service.

William Arias

Sirs, This time I was able to download 3 CD's worth of material in just about 3hrs of time. I used a downloading program (Flashget) and was amazed at the transfer rate. Your service is GR8. Your server has one GR8 transfer rate. Customer Service is GR8. As this is only my second time getting a B.U. CD from you guys but it just seems to get better each and every time.

Vaughn Baggerly

You have been so helpful - I will definately order from your company again! Thank you so much.

Andi Candy

Wow. As sceptic as I was, I can't believe how simple and thoroughly documented, the install process was. I'll certainly be back.

Craig Bunyea

Excellent service, very happy and satisfied with purchase. Wish I would have found your website/service a long time ago. Will definately make future purchases.


Thank you for your kind support and communication during my download, I was a little unknown for downloading and how to... Its work now and its great. Wish you all the best the soft help me a lot, thank you very much again!


Thanks! Was very skeptical at first! Worked perfectly! Download instructions good as well as long and their followed EXACTLY! Thanks and will be downloading more soon!!!

Richie Jacobs

This is so huge and good that I can't believe it! This is awesome! I already installed the program and I still can't believe it! The links, the fast service, the free little applications for downloading and opening archives. It's almost perfect. I will definetly buy again veeeery soon!

Rey Gonzalez Jr.

You guy's have been great. When I get use to everything I plan on getting more...

John Skipper

Thanks!!! Everything came down flawlessly, your site is great, consider me a loyal customer from now on!!!

Sergio Mota

Way back when I first started your service, I ordered CD's which did take a long time to get here. That one detail aside, I could not be more pleased with you superior service and your products. Way to go guys!

Mary Jackson

Thank you so much for providing such a valuable service. I don't know what I would do without DOWN.CD. I've been making purchases for several years now and would be lost and have no new programs without you! Now that we have DSL and can use the download feature it's made a good thing even BETTER! Thanks for being there!

Kimberly Anderson

I have now purchased one product from you and I'm very satisfied with your service.I'm really happy with my purchase. I have needed customer support you have responded quickly and resolved my issue completely. Your support is excellent, Thank you for the great service. I am glad to have found you and will continue to be a long time customer! Keep up the good work, will be back again for more software.

Virendra Agarwal

I love u guys, it worked perfectly, i will come back, you made a customer for life, not even kidding.

Chris Sinnott

Absolutely amazing, immediate delivery and download.

Russell McCarthy

You are the best!!! Thank you very much! I`ve told several friends about you, one has ordered and is very happy.

David Cvetanovich

Brilliant customer service and perfect working software. Awesome! Thanks guys.

Niel Beech