Testimonials - page 21

Excellent customer service. The online support was essential for helping me get my product installed... especially since it was my first time. Thanks!

Kelly Genei

The service was amazing. I am very greatful. The whole concept just works. Thank you.

Diane Paludi

All Is Great Downloader fine and installed without issue. Your the best!

Arnold M.

I was very impressed with the technician who helped me remotely - he really helped tremendously and patiently - I might add. He was extremely professional and should make down.cd very proud.

John B.

There is always a slight language barrier but in the end my query was completely and respectfully answered... the person providing the answer had superior technical knowledge!

Tommy C.

Outstanding service. Thank you for sorting this one out on a remote basis.

Philip S.

I was astounded by the level of knowledge and persistance of the tech who responded to my issue. I have only needed support two or three times in 8 years and every time my experience has been very positive.

Richard C.

So you guys did an great jobs. Responsed to the issues pretty quick in a timely manner. Thanks for being there.

Peng Ung

You guys are just awesome. I would have never done certain stuff without you guys.... Very responsive & consideratate...

Arjun K.

The best thing about you guys is the promt response to tickets and help... fantastic! Its my first download, buy here i am coming up with the wishlist... Price is fantastic. Keep it up!


I've been a customer for several years now. I'll never go elsewhere. Not only are the prices reasonable, the software great but the service is so good that it's amazing. Too bad some of the big boys don't have your honor, pride, skill, honesty and integrity.<br>Well done -- a customer for life.

Mary Jackson