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Price: $10
Size: 63 Mb
Category: Multimedia and Entertainment
OS: Windows Windows
$10 - BUY CHEAP Windows
SnagIt Screenshots
  • TechSmith SnagIt 10.0.2 box
  • TechSmith SnagIt 10.0.2 screenshot
  • TechSmith SnagIt 10.0.2 screenshot
  • TechSmith SnagIt 10.0.2 screenshot

SnagIt Overview and Description

Snagit is the most useful tool you will find to combine pictures, words, and other objects into a meaningful illustration.

The #1 Snagit feature request has come to life!

You can now capture any image from your computer screen and turn it into an engaging visual to share with anyone

Use our easy screen capture software to create interesting training documents, collaborative design work, IT bug reports, and more. With its simple screen grab tool and impressive list of image editing features, the possibilities are endless.

It's so easy, you'll catch on in a snap. | http. | | http/ | www:

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