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Phase One Capture One 6 Training
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Capture One Pro 6 Introduction Video 04:02Capture One Express 6 Introduction 04:50Activation 02:25Adjusting the color tone...... see full description


Capture One Pro 6 Introduction Video 04:02
Capture One Express 6 Introduction 04:50
Activation 02:25
Adjusting the color tone 01:53
Automatic Adjustments 00:53
Black & White Tool 02:38
Clipboard, Local Copy and Apply 02:35
Color Editing 1 - Basic Color Editor 01:20
Color Editing 2 - Advanced Color Editor 02:16
Color Editing 3 - Skin Tone 01:07
Composition 1 (Overlay and Composition mode) 01:10
Composition 2 (Rotation, Cropping and Setting the Aspect Ratio) 02:02
DSLR Movie Viewing and Handling 00:33
EIP Format 01:40
Exposure 1 (Exposure Tool and HDR Tool) 01:24
Exposure 2 (Exposure and RGB Curves) 01:59
Exposure 3 (Clarity Tool) 00:52
Focus Mask and Exposure Warning 01:49
Full-screen mode and Browser Filmstrip 01:08
Importing images 01:35
Keystone Correction 02:50
Lens Tool Tab 1 01:37
Lens Tool Tab 2 (Vignetting) 00:55
Library Tool (Smart Albums) 02:09
Local Adjustments 02:26
Metadata 01:45
Movie Import 00:40
Multiple readouts 00:59
Naming images 01:33
Optimizing Your Details 1 (Image Sharpening) 02:23
Optimizing Your Details 2 (Noise Reduction and Advanced Noise Reduction) 02:30
Optimizing Your Details 3 (Moiré) 02:19
Optimizing Your Details 4 (Spot and Dust Spot Removal) 02:25
Preferences and Customizing 03:50
Print ready and CMYK Conversion 02:07
Printing 01:51
Process Your Images 03:24
Rating images 01:11
Searching, Filter and Dynamic Sorting 01:04
Slideshow 01:02
Styles 02:09
Tethered Photography 1 - Live View, Remote Control 02:06
Tethered Photography 2 01:24
The loupe tool 01:29
The user interface 02:48
Variants 03:19
Web Gallery 01:39
Workflow Video, Create Amazing Images with Capture One Express 6 05:03
Workflow Video, Create Amazing Images with Capture One Pro 6 05:06
Working in Sessions 02:31
Workspace 02:52
World-class RAW Conversion Performance 01:15
Capture Pilot Setup 01:13
Using Capture Pilot 01:26

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