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Adobe Photoshop Stuff: * Actions (3 Mb)* Brushes (480 Mb)* Custom Shapes (36 Mb)* Fonts (62 Mb)* Gradients (7 Mb)* PSD Cuts (305 Mb)* Patterns (23 Mb)* Pictures (1.3 Gb)* Plugins (172 Mb)* Renders (208 Mb)* Styles (56 Mb)* Tutorials (975 Mb)... see full description

Adobe Photoshop Stuff:
* Actions (3 Mb)
* Brushes (480 Mb)
* Custom Shapes (36 Mb)
* Fonts (62 Mb)
* Gradients (7 Mb)
* PSD Cuts (305 Mb)
* Patterns (23 Mb)
* Pictures (1.3 Gb)
* Plugins (172 Mb)
* Renders (208 Mb)
* Styles (56 Mb)
* Tutorials (975 Mb)

Platform Windows Windows
Category Graphics and Publishing
Vendor Adobe
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Thank you so much for providing such a valuable service. I don't know what I would do without DOWN.CD. I've been making purchases for several years now and would be lost and have no new programs without you! Now that we have DSL and can use the download feature it's made a good thing even BETTER! Thanks for being there!

Kimberly Anderson